The information is not knowledge” – Einstien.

This is About Page for this blog.

But it will definitely give you purpose to connect to this blog. Information is just facts provided or learned about something or someone. And it certainly bypasses uncertainty. Although I am treating this as an about page. It is mostly information about “Why I am building this blog?”. Definitely would be happy to inform you.

In Formation of the Information

(all on this page).


About to give up Hope of Freedom. I hit a wall.  I have worked in the art and entertainment industry for more than 10 years. At the age of 32, I realised that I am not using anything that I have learned, unlearned. There is no implementation of the knowledge. Not sharing. It was rotting inside me. Stagnant. Eventually working on some of the “so-called” prestigious, famous (if you like) projects; nobody knew who I am. Well, that wasn’t the aim of starting this blog. But I had nothing on my table I could use, to propel the career. By career, I mean progress of life. All my work so far is guarded by NDA. Yes, even the Hollywood animation film I worked on.


Information propels Hope and Faith.

Amazingly when I did hit the Wall. And I saw a mirror on it. Looking into the eyes of the person standing at the other end changed everything, that I have ever known or assumed. I always thought of sending out information about the upcoming was the only way of starting an online communication. At this point, I didn’t see any upcoming. But it surely convinced me to just stop and think, to find a way to be free, and do what I really care for. Although I was not credited for my work. but I definitely had the experience which I could use.


Information leads to Knowledge and its purpose.

To be frank this is not even an attempt to distribute knowledge. Not because I don’t like to, but I believe that it is the most deceiving thing. Both in the spiritual and material world. I did bank on my knowledge all my life. It just felt like floating, swimming and struggling on the surface of the vast sea of unknown. So the answer to the “why” is a communication. I am here to communicate. Like an urban social animal. This is the best way knowledge can be implemented, more than just an exchange of information. To know better about each other, and to explore the unknown. There is beauty in mystery.

Information must Run free, like on this page…

I was restricted. Bound to work in certain aspects. I still remember, When someone would ask me what I want to become. I would say, artist! And immediately the second question would roll in saying – Which one? Painter, Singer, Bla Bla. I did not have an answer. Rather it took me so long to find it. The journey was painful, but I am glad I did it. Art is multi-dimensional. It emerges from the urge of expressing. Saying something prominently. You can’t trap it in one medium. Maybe I am the man who wants to do everything certainly. As everybody else, I do have my own strengths and weaknesses. Which is why I am here. To take this journey of exploration. To share what I have and to know what you have. So you know me and I know you.


This is a playground of information and knowledge.

Let us treat this as a playground. And just celebrate the joy of art, the freedom of expression that comes with it. On this blog, I will mostly blog about other artists in the field of music, painting, designs etc. We will also see some aspects of art in the context of society. I know nothing about Politics, but art effects and society. Eventually, society does influence Politics. Probably it might deviate sometimes from other aspects of life and spirituality. And I promise there will be a lot of ART on it.



Wall Insider is about adding value to life. Furthermore, it is you, me, people who matter the change we want to bring. About living life at its best. Aesthetics of life. And guess what? Art is the remedy.

Finally, I would really appreciate if you could spread the word by sharing this post. Even if it reaches one person you think who will like to read it. I would be glad.

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P.s This happens to be the first page I am publishing on the blog. It will eventually change and evolve as we go ahead with this blog. If you have any queries, suggestions you may contact me.

When published it will appear here: the first blog post.

Meanwhile, you may want to see this beautiful section dedicated to the town I spent some time studying. Moreover, it would be regarded as branding of a town and my origin story.

Watch this page to get more updated info to know and them, you may want to bookmark it. I have a new idea for this page which you will see soon. It will have a good structure to make the information on the page relevant. Offcourse more entertaining too.

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