Sharad Pawar Saheb.

Sharad Pawar is a visionary who changed the face of Baramati forever.



Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.

-Harry Truman


Sharad Pawar House Baramati.


Sharad Pawar’s house is towards the north of Baramati in Malegaon area named “Govind Bagh” after his father, an active participant to the cooperative moment in India. Lush green farms and water ponds surround it. After all, he is the man who knows the very best when it comes to Agriculture in context Economics of India. He is a farmer at heart.

Sharad Pawar is a living example of the Harry Truman’s quote. He is an avid reader. I am not a fan of politics, whatsoever. But as an artist, I have to take note of the current political situations. Because of Society influence art and culture; and Politics influence society. Otherwise, I don’t have any dire interest other than that in Politics. Much of an Anarchist, if the state has to be labelled. Much the less what you are going to read ahead is improvisation provided on personal experiences.


Sharad Pawar Museum.


Sharad Pawar Museum, Baramati situated in Vidya Prathishtan. It is the collection of gifts to saheb from all over the world. It is curated and well maintained by Sau. Pratibha Tai Pawar, wife of Sharad Pawar Saheb. Furthermore, It is fascinating to see his taste for the collection.  Sharad Pawar Museum is undoubtedly a window to peep into the life of this multifaceted visionary. Moreover, his wife’s passion for preserving the gifts and presenting them for a visual treat offers an insight into his life. It is adjacent to the library he donated his book for public reading.

The display in the beautiful building also includes photographs and letters written to him. If you visit the Sharad Pawar museum, don’t forget to read the letter by Lata Mangeshkar. It is my personal favourite.

Knowledge is Pawar.


Sharad Pawar saheb is an avid reader. He delivers speeches filled with wisdom. Uniquely he not only provide information through his speech but also provide the knowledge about the topic.

For instance, I was present in an inaugural function of Kent Club, Peth Wadgaon, Kolhapur. Pawar Saheb was the chief guest for the opening ceremony of the club. Hon, Digvijay Khanvilkar near Kolhapur find the vacation club and business meeting hub. There was a murmur in the crowd, regarding the name of the club. What does the Name “Kent” really means? Sharad Pawar sahed cleared all doubts and questions while delivering the speech. The name is after an English Athlete. He also added to the audience’s knowledge with unusual dishes and delicacies that are mostly prepared in Kolhapuri Household and not served in Hotels. Hence he also gave insights into the vast potential it holds regarding branding from a tourism point of view.


Kolhapur and Pawar.


Sharad Pawar saheb has shared many of his experience about Kolhapur. It clearly states his love for the region. Likewise, Kolhapur also respects him.

There was one more instance which overwhelmed by Sharad Pawar’s ability to understand an “artist and his world”. I meet my artist friends in Ambabai Temple of Kolhapur. It is our hangout place, mostly after sketching sessions.

As I was new to the art scene of Kolhapur, one of my artist friends suggested reading “Deva Shapat Khara Lihin” (I swear by God, to write only the truth”. It is an autobiography of famous Marathi actor from Kolhapur, Chandrakant Mandare. He was a well-received actor at the peak of Marathi Cinema in Kolhapur. Chandrakant Mandare was renowned for his role of Krishna. Ladies would bathe him when he visited friends and family. An awkward situation for a person who was also an Indian Wrestler. And his role of Shivaji Maharaj in the film Chatrapati Shivaji Equated so far that he was the reference for the Statue assembled in Ardha Shivaji Chowk, Kolhapur by prominent sculptor Ravindra Mestri.

Apart from that Chandrakant Mandare was also an eminent painter. It is rare to see a man with so many qualities. He never drank, never smoked and never killed in hunts. He was immersed in fame and glamour, and still untouched. Innocent as his real name – Gopal. The reason I am telling you this is that Pawar Saheb wrote the preface for this book. The words moved me. He describes this multitalented personality. “Motha Pan Sadha Manus” – So ordinary that he is extraordinary.


The reader’s connection.


Living so many years in Baramati, I never took any interest in Political activities. But there is one man who always had my ears. Not due to the political reason, but because of fond interest in Literature. I enjoy reading Chekov and Tolstoy along with other Russian masters when it comes to stories related to Social reforms. I also have admiration for Tagore and Munshi Premchand for Human documentation. Ruskin Bond adds to the list, as I think he truly understands the nerves of young Indian of the 90’s era. Furthermore, Vijay Tendulkar is my favourite when it comes to exploration of Violence presented from a very non-judgemental perspective. A journalist as he was. Apart from that, I like to read non-fiction too. Hence it is from reading Sharad Pawar Saheb’s writings I have gain more insights into his personality.


Books By Sharad Pawar.


Apart from publishing articles about Mahatma Phule, Baba Saheb Ambedkar and Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur, Pawar Saheb is also an author of books that give insights from his political journey.

Books by Sharad Pawar :

  1.  On my terms: From Grassroots to corridors of Power (English Edition).
  2. Lok Maze Sangati (Marathi Edition).
  3. अपनी शर्टों पे (Hindi Edition).
  4. Dusari Haritkranti (Second Green Revolution)
  5. Spardha Kalashi (Collection of speeches in Marathi)


The Library in Vidya Pratishthan, Baramati is based on the collection of books read by Saheb. From his collection. And name Vidya also happens to have found inspiration from Ga Di Madgulkar’s wife, a close family friends to Sharad Pawar Family.

Pawar is undoubtedly boon to this land. The history of this place can be into before and after Pawar administration. Baramati was taunted to be “Chora chi Baramati – Thief’s Baramati”. But it is the endless effort of Pawar saheb, which Baramati has regained recognition and image of “bawankashi Sonya chi Baramati – A city of pure gold.”



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