List of industries and companies in Baramati MIDC.

Industries in Baramati vary from textile to dairy and food products. Migratory birds visit the town each year. Similarly, there are many foreign companies in Baramati like Piaggio and Dynamix Dairy, Baramati. The oldest plant in Baramati MIDC is the Kalyani Steels. Likewise, recent additions are Bharat Forge, Ferrero Rochiers, and Bauli India. Moreover,  a night drive on the main road of Baramati MIDC towards the Baramati Airport is a soothing experience. Not only I feel the energy, but a zest for doing something new. Indeed a glance at lite up roads and the industrial sounds coming out from the factories, and to the faith that everything is possible; if you believe!


As the rosy starling, flamingo.

So there are many who come.

Birds fly away while others plant and sow,

Those who plant and sow,

As the work is to wait.

For the message of the birds in a row.


List of Industries in Baramati:


  1. Agriculture
  2. Wine and Spirit Industry
  3. Sugar Industry
  4. Animal Husbandry and Milk Industry
  5. Textile Industry




Agriculture Industry is the backbone of Baramati’s economy. One of the most critical industries in Baramati. Specifically, Hon. Sharad Pawar Saheb’s contribution to this area is noteworthy. He is not only Ex Agriculture Minister of India But also an expert in the field. Baramati has found its way to disparity from adversity. For instance in the draught of the year 1977, young Pawar Saheb, then a young MLA initiated soil and water conservation work with the help of an Australian mission. In the same fashion, he is famous for setting records when it comes to the production of wheat and grains in the country. He also has a profound knowledge polarising the produce throughout India. Hence there is a balance of demand for supply. His efforts have always been to import less and export more.

Furthermore, the Vidya Pratishthan campus also offers MBA degree in Agriculture for prospects who want to dive into commerce of the Agricultural industry.

In like manner, his vision not only includes the local farmer affiliation to the corporation through cooperative movement but putting Baramati on the world map when it comes to export of the top-notch quality products from Baramati MIDC. Agriculture is the foundation of Industries in Baramati. It is hard to believe that Baramati was once a drought-prone zone, looking at the lush greenery around the town,  Farms and Sugarcane plantations. And not to forget the vineyards. The agricultural development started in Baramati at the dawn of the century when Nira left bank canal was constructed to provide gallons of water to this area. Today Baramati also runs its Radio channel dedicated towards the betterment of well-informed farmers of Baramati. The circuit is named “Vasundhara Khrishi Vahini.” Vasundhara Krishi Vahini reaches 65Km radius around Baramati. The agriculture industry is so established in the region that it also collides with the Tourism Industry.

Special note on Shri. Appasaheb Pawar and Agriculture.


Early efforts of Appasaheb Pawar started the initiative in agricultural revolution in Baramati.  Hence due to the farming revolution, other industries in Baramati also could strengthen their roots in Baramati MIDC. Additionally, he took tremendous efforts to literate people regarding new age agriculture techniques, water conservation. Uniquely, he also introduced farmers of Baramati with drip irrigation he learned on his trips to Isreal in late 70s and also introduced micro-irrigation to the farmers of Maharashtra. Eventually, small ponds and sprinklers began as part of the irrigation strategy and resulted in efficient farming using less water resource. It was starting of smart agriculture in Baramati. This very attitude and change, of course, is the basis of other industries in Baramati.



Sugarcane is undoubtedly the cash crop of Baramati. Along with that Farmers of Baramati also produce, Grapes, Pomegranate and Onion. Grapes, Pomegranate are heavily exported to European countries along with the wine. The agriculture industry in Baramati support production of 1,50,00,000 litres of packed juice per day. Sugarcane produced goes to Sugarcane factories.


Sugar Industry 


Sugar Industry in Baramati is at its hilt with Sugar Factories at Malegaon, Someshwar, and Sansar. India is the second largest sugar producer of sugar after Brasil and Sugarcane are considered a cash crop of the region, and one of the essential Industries in Baramati. Someshwar sugar mill processes around 9000 metric tons of sugarcane on a daily basis. Consequently, Sugar industry is the source of employment for approximately 10,000 people in Baramati. Eventually, it also supports socio-economical activities.

The molasses produced by the sugar industry is a vital by-product. Furthermore, it produces cost-efficient fuels like Bugas and Ethanol. These fuels are then used to generate electricity, which helps to make the sugar production units self-sustainable.


Textile and Silk Industry



Cultivation of silk is known as sericulture. Silk is a protein fibre composed of main fibroin. It produced by silkworm, insect larvae to form a cocoon. Mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori cultured in captivity are common in sericulture.

Silk Industry is predominant in the region of Mysuru, Karnataka. Appasaheb found inspiration for starting the silk industry along with the textile industry in Baramati. Many small farmers form Baramati gave there valuable participation in this one of the unique industries in Baramati. It was the dawn of Sericulture in Baramati.

The sericulture accounts for thousands of acres in Baramati. The town produces more silk than Maysuru, Karnataka; and Nagpur the capital of sericulture business in Maharashtra.


It is evident in an agriculturally reach region to participate in the Textile Industry in Baramati. The cotton farmers are tied up with spinning mills and produce some of the best fabric in the world. The textile industry in Baramati exports fabric to European Nations. Many of the international brands source the material from the manufacturing units in Baramati.

Wine and Spirit


Baramati Grapes, the social association, was initiated by Pawar Saheb in Baramati in 1974. It links the grape producers, farmers of the region with the wineries in Baramati. Today wine and alcohol are one of the top exporters amongst the industries in Baramati. Read about one of the best vineyards in Maharashtra.


Animal Husbandry and Dairy Industry


Animal husbandry and Dairy Industries in Baramati are closely related to the agricultural sector. Agriculture Development Trust is the brainchild of Hon. Pawar Saheb. His elder brother Shri. Appasaheb Pawar took critical responsibilities in trust to uplift the initiatives of Dairy and Poultry along with Horticulture. Ms Queses and Ms Wasser were the two Australian sisters who actively participated in the establishment of the Agriculture Development Trust in 1971.

Correspondingly the Agriculture Development Trust is responsible for the development of Animal husbandry in this area. It not only trained farmers to achieve quality and quantity of livestock production but also cultivated the culture of valuing most crucial resource to this town, water. Indeed, animal husbandry was an essential addition to the industries in Baramati as it widely depends on agriculture Industry.

As a result, Baramati is responsible for yielding a product of approx. 5,00,000 litres of milk on a daily basis. With tie-up with multinational companies like Scriber dynamics, Milk is not only packed and distributed all across Maharashtra but also processed to value-added products like cheese, paneer, etc.


List of Companies in Baramati MIDC:


  1. Bauli India.
  2. Ferrero Rocher India.
  3. Spintex Mill.
  4. Piaggio India.
  5. Bharat Forge.
  6. Kalyani Steels.
  7. Baramati Hi-tech Textile Park.
  8. Schreiber Dynamix Dairy.


I still remember the days when siren for the change of shift use to go off in the middle of the night. Old Baramati MIDC better known as Baramati Industrial Estate got its start in 1963. The industrial estate started to promote entrepreneurs in rural areas. It merely consisted of a hand full of companies. A Foundry, Leather factory, steel, and biscuit packaging plants, etc. Eventually, it all changed drastically. Baramati MIDC is now production hub form some of the giant international companies in Baramati. Most of the Companies are European along with some of the Indian gems.

Similarly, In modern Baramati, the factories at MIDC Baramati play a significant role in shaping the business landscape. Baramati MIDC today is a hub for manufacturing some of the internationally acclaimed brands ranging from automobile to dairy products. Let us take a look at some of the best brands domestic and international, are manufactured in Baramati MIDC. In effect, These are the crucial players when it comes to companies in Baramati which support the socio-economical growth of the town.



Bauli India.



Bauli Moonfils


Interestingly, Bauli India Bakes and Sweets Pvt Ltd built in a beautiful location at Baramati MIDC near Katphal railway station. As matter of fact, Bauli India is a manufacturing unit for the Bauli-Monfils. In 2017 it made a whopping USD 80,000,000 investment in Bauli India. Significantly, Bauli India is one of the best companies in Baramati to work. The traditional values and ethics resembling that of Italian, and tendency to work hard in Indians will Bauli India to new avenues.

Bauli is proud of its Italian tradition and values. The company’s foundation is rooted in Verona, Italy. The Italian Medival Town towards North is famous for its romantic Scapes and Architecture. Verona is a heritage town. Shakespeare used this town as the premise to two of his Plays – Romeo and Juliet and The Two Gentlemen. It is Hometown to Ruggero Bauli, the founder of Bauli. Eventually, the family-owned giant which ventured its manufacturing unit Bauli India to Baramati MIDC.

Returning to Verona in the year of 1922 along with his wife, Bauli started as a pastry Shop that became most famous in the town. The couple soon began to produce 5,000 cakes per day. In 1927, Ruggero Bauli sailed to Argentina in hope to grow and started a confectionery in Argentina. He was few of the lucky survivors of the Principessa Mafalda, the ship that sank. The traditional Pandora recipe and the pinnacle of excellent baking made Bauli a success. It then expanded it’s market in the USA and worldwide. Bauli today is present in 70 countries and five continents. It has yearly revenue of about € 440,000,000 and has 1,400 employees.

Likewise, Baramati also has its history and heritage. Hence, Baramati MIDC offers the best place for Bauli India to set up its plant.


Ferrero India Pvt Ltd.


Ferrero India Pvt Ltd is yet another Italian gem in the bouquet of companies in Baramati. Not to mention, alike Bauli, Ferrero SpA also into Italian chocolate snacks. Uniquely, famous for it’s Ferrero Rochers a branded chocolate and Nutella a hazelnut chocolate spread in India. Moreover, the Privately owned giant was founded by Pietro Ferrero in 1946. As well as, CEO Giovanni Ferrero of Ferrero Group is responsible for Thirty-Eight trading companies, eighteen factories, and approximately 40,000 employees worldwide. Ferrero India Pvt Ltd and its parent company account for revenue of more than €10,000,000,000 per year according to Wikipedia.

Ferrero Pune is the head office of Ferrero India Pvt Ltd in Bharat situated in Kharadi area of the Pune. Although the production unit in Baramati MIDC fulfils all of its market demand. Ferrero India Pvt Ltd is also involved in humanitarian work in India operating from Ferrero Pune. Eventually, Ferrero India Pvt Ltd spreads awareness about HIV/AIDS and in similar fashion also supports education and shelter programs.


  • nonetheless, some of the brands manufactured for Ferrero India Pvt Ltd, with help of the workforce in the companies in Baramati are Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, Raffaello, Tic Tac, Kinder Surprise, Kinder Chocolate, Kinder Joy.
  • Frequently a question is asked although, how much is Nutella in India? To clarify you can buy Nutella product online ranging from INR 110 -220. 
  • Ferrero India Pvt Ltd is undoubtedly a boon to the economy in Baramati. It is proud to see Italian lineages doing wonders and changing lives worldwide. We wish Ferrero India Pvt Ltd a very best of luck.


Piaggio India.

Piaggio group is the largest European manufacturer of the two-wheelers. Not to mention Piaggio India is very famous for its manufacturing unit for Piaggio Scooter – Vespa and Piaggio Ape.

Baramati Hi-Tech Textile Park.


Baramati Hi-Tech textile park Spreads across 60acres campus with an investment of around INR100 crores, in Baramati MIDC. It is one of the gems of the companies in Baramati; the textile park brings together the domestic garment manufacturers into the landscape of modern Indian entrepreneurship. The manufacturing capacity of the Baramati hi-tech textile park meets the requirements of both local and international market when it comes to fashion and garment industry. Hence, The textile park employees approximately 3000 individuals from the town, most of them are women. Thereupon, it also empowers the women in the region. Hence, the women are heard and respected. Ultimately, adding to there vocational skills.


Schreiber Dynamix Dairy.

Dynamix is one of the oldest company in Baramati MIDC. It produces some of the best Dairy products.


 United Spirit a Diageo Group Company.


The list Companies in Baramati would be incomplete without the mention of United Spirits, India. Headquartered in Bengaluru, United spirit has it’s manufacturing plant in Baramati. Unites spirit is a subsidiary of Diageo Public Limited. Diageo is British Alcohol company. Its name, invented by branding consultant Wolff Olin, which means Day+World and has greek-latin roots. The motto of Diageo is to “Celebrate life everyday everywhere”.

Diageo had a large revenue of £18.114 billion in the year 2017. It serves 1,200,000 cases worldwide each year of Scotch whiskey, IMFL whisky, brandy, rum, vodka, gin, and wine. Moreover, it’s 140 brands in portfolio includes, McDowell’s No.1, Royal Challenge, Signature, and Antiquity as well as Diageo’s iconic brands such as Johnnie Walker, VAT 69, Black & White, Smirnoff and Ciroc among others.


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